Yet another SEO tool

ZOMDir's Page inspector

ZOMDir's Page inspector is like a Swiss army knife to analyze any web page in different ways.

The different views help you inspect the content of your web page (or a competitor's web page).

Practice shows that almost everyone, including SEO experts, often carelessly codes their web pages. Often the order of the header tags is incorrect, the alt attributes of images are not used or there are errors in the structured data.

Quality is in the eye of the beholder

The main purpose of ZOMDir's page inspector is to give you insight into the tested web page. It is up to you how you interpret the results.

Opinions will differ on the importance of each possible quality factor. ZOMDir's page inspector does not prescribe what is good or bad. That is why ZOMDir's Page inspector allows you to configure the settings yourself with the Settings view.

View any web page in different ways

ZOMDirs Page inspector shows you the content of the HTML code of the web page in different ways. The 16 available views are grouped in the categories Content (6 views), Code (3 views) and Details (7 views).

Analyse the visible content

The following views focus on the content of the web page.

Read the text with the readability option

Webbrowsers like Mozilla's Firefox offer the option to show the web page in the readability mode. This view shows how the web page looks when the readability mode is used.

Use a basic browser

Not everyone is able to use a modern advanced browser to view the web page. The Basic browser view shows what a user sees when using a browser that does not support scripts or cascading stylesheets.

Focus on the Text

The text view shows you only the headings and the texts used at the web page. Of course it depends on the type of web page you inspect, but general spoken more often than not this view gives you the core content of the web page.

Discover which words are often used

The Words view let you discover which words are often used at the web page.

Read the Outline, it is an optimal summary

The headings used at the web page gives you -when they are optimised- the optimal summary of the web page.

View all Images at once

This view shows you all images (and Scalable Vector Graphics) used at the web page. This way you get a visual clue what the web page is about.

Analyse the code of the web page

There are two views to view and copy the source code of the selected web page.

View the original Raw code of the web page

This view shows the original raw source code of the web page. This representation often makes it immediately clear how neatly the HTML is coded or whether the HTML code has been minimized.

View readable Source code

The source code of the web page is shown beautified and highlighted. This view is ideal for reading and studying the HTML code of a web page.

Get a quick insight in the elements used

This elements view gives insight in the elements used to create the web page.

Details are not the details ...

"The details are not the details; they make the product", is a famous quote from Charles Eames. This quote also applies to web pages.

The (technical) details can make the difference between a mediocre web page and a clear, optimized web page. The following views gives you indepth insight.

Help the search engines with metadata

The metadata used on a web page is important to search engines (and online marketers) and therefore probably to you.

Help the search engines even more with structured data

Structured data is a relatively simple concept, but it is difficult to implement correctly in practice. This view shows what ZOMDir's Page inspector can make of it.

Use links, they are the basis of the internet

Almost every web page uses links. Not surprising, because links are the basis of the internet. What is linked says a lot about the web page. This view provides a clear overview of all links on the web page.

Help the visually impaired with alternative texts

Images determine the first impression of a web page. However, not everyone can perceive the images for whatever reason. Alternative texts help visually impaired people, but also search engines. That is why SEO experts regularly recommend that you pay a lot of attention to these texts.

Check the dimensions

Some elements have definable dimensions such as width and height. If they are not there, the web page may appear choppy.


ZOMDir's Page Inspector tries to find all email addresses hidden at the inspected page. Here you will find an overview.

Use Quality control tools

The quality control view gives you an indication of the technical SEO quality of the web page and offers the possibility to immediately call up other tools for further analysis.

The Page inspector user interface

Wait max 10 seconds for results

When a web page is fetched for analysing it should load in 10 seconds. After 10 seconds you get a "Page not found" message.

During the fetch of a web page, you can't use ZOMDir's Page inspector. Other than enjoying the nice busy indicator (based on Martin van Driel's codepen) the only thing that could be done is reloading ZOMDir's Page inspector.

Discover safely what the final url is

If a web page was successfully fetched in time, the final url will be displayed in the input field.

Hence ZOMDir's Page inspector is also an url expander.

Analyse a web page anonymously

The analysis of the page is done anonymously, your IP-address will not occur in the logging of the webserver used.

Hence you might consider ZOMDir's Page inspector as a web proxy.

Note that when you click at the 'Orignal page' link, or you click another link from that web page you will visit the analysed web page directly. You should assume that your IP-address is then logged by the webserver used.

View the content without distraction

ZOMDir's Page inspector does not use tracking cookies, nor does it use pop-ups. One technical cookie is placed to remember which view is used.

This makes it possible to view the content of the analyzed web page without distraction.

To increase the readability of the results a Color Safe variant of the Solarized light color scheme is used.

Each view is displayed as follows:

View nameView result

Get hints how to use this tool

At the top right are hints for the use, possibilities and properties of this tool. The properties are shown in the form of Web badges. They are generated with Adam Kalsey's Button Maker. These buttons might look like this A web badge with the text BUTTON MAKER.

Use a bookmarklet to analyse the webpage you visit

Drag this bookmarklet Page Inspector to your bookmarks toolbar and inspect any web page you browse with one click.

Drag and drop a web page to analyse

ZOMDir's Page inspector supports drag and drop. When you drop an URL of a web page on ZOMDir's Page inspector, that web page will be analysed immediately.

Select a view with the keyboard

After analysing a web page, the focus is set on the view selection field. You simple choose the next (or previous) view by pressing the arrow down (or arrow up) button at your keyboard.

By pressing the tab button you set the focus on the result screen. Now your able to scroll the page by pressing the page down and page up buttons.

By pressing shift-tab the focus returns to the view selection field.

Copy the analysed page to share with others

Copy the URL of the analysed view to the clipboard by clicking at the ⧉ button.

Open links in Page inspector or a new tab

ZOMDir's Page inspector is a web app which stores the results in Javascript memory. This might be problematic when you leave the Page inspector by clicking a link. Depending on the browser / system used it might occur that, when you go back to the Page inspector, the results are gone and you have to analyse the web page again.

When this occurs, the advice is to open each link in a new tab (or window).

Note that links shown in the view Readability, Bare and the hyperlinks in the Links view opens the-linked-to-web-page in ZOMDir's Page inpector.

All other links are loaded directly in the current window.

Change the behavior

At the settings page (only available after analysing a webpage) you will be able to define the behavior of ZOMDir's Page inspector.

You might define the behavior of the header (fixed or not) and the view which should be opened after an analysis.

Reset the Page inspector

If ZOMDir's page inspector does not seem to be working properly, click on "ZOMDir's Page inspector" at the top of the screen. The page inspector will then be reloaded.

Note that Javascript is required

ZOMDir's Page inspector is a Javascript driven application which can only be used when your browser supports JavaScript.

Wait for the JavaScript code to load. You can then view a web page in different ways.